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Social Responsibilities

 "Part of Zouki's success is making a difference in the Community."  - Faddy Zouki 

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 As the result of our injection of warmth and a little flair to their physical surroundings, hospital staff and visitors feel like they are truly appreciated.  By giving them reason to feel happier about their work environment, and providing them with goods and services of a quality thatís comparable to what they might expect outside the workplace, we help healthcare workers and carers to do their jobs more effectively.  While it can easily be said that the best contribution Zouki can make to the hospital environment is therefore the improvement we effect on staff morale - just by offering the quality in product and service to which we believe everybody is entitled - social responsibility is something for which the Zouki name is deservedly respected.

At Zouki we are committed to giving back to the communities that support our business.  We do this through the development of local employment and supply opportunities, through our philanthropic efforts, through attention to environmental considerations, and through our integrity in the relationships we have with all of our stakeholders.

With generosity and friendliness deeply ingrained in the familyís DNA, the Zouki brothers have always been sensitive to the misfortunes of others - their determination to make people happy and lift them from situations dominated by sadness and loss having become their personal trademark.  We respect the efforts of the hard-working hospital employees and the budgetary restraints governing the administration of our public hospitals, which is why - in addition to the capital improvements and sizeable rental payments made to the hospitals with whom we consider ourselves partners - in the last 8 years we have contributed more than $2.5million in donations and community sponsorships.

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